Begini Cara Membuat dan Menjual NFT
Begini Cara Membuat dan Menjual NFT

Begini Cara Membuat dan Menjual NFT

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Ges-r.Com – Product blockchain non-Fungible Token (NFT) recently discussed the community. Viral nyan FT starting from a young man named Ghozali good thing because the upload swafoto own in one of the marketplace NFT, OpenSea.

After that, a lot of people who want to try his luck also to try NFT. The user can make the products NFT digital painting special, video, music, text, and a variety of other products that are in digital form. To get maximum advantages, it is necessary to understand strategies to make and sell.

Pastikah in advance that You have make works of art that will be sold. Works or objects that can be made in the NFT, as reported by The Verge, it can be in the form of GIF, collectible items, digital documents, tickets to events, music, video, invoices, and other digital products

Ether is the token or currency that allows users can use NFT. Make the NFT can be done in many blockchain different. A more simple way, that is using Ethereum (NFT most popular and most support).

Because it makes the NFT can take the cost, then the necessary wallet Ethereum with some Ether (cryptocurrency based on Ethereum) on it. One easy way to use what’s called “MetaMask”. Can be downloaded for free on a smart phone iPhone or Android.

Begini Cara Membuat dan Menjual NFT

The asking price to make the NFT is very unstable. Have at least Ether worth of US $ 100. Please be aware, the manufacturing process can spend more cost, based on the price of the operation of day-to-day. If, however, make the NFT on OpenSea, the process is free because tokens of this kind are made by the platform.

At this stage, it is necessary to choose the place of the market that You create and then list NFT You. Some of the most popular usage, where Mintable, Rarible, or OpenSea. For example, You choose OpenSea. How, in the User Icon, click the “My Profile”.

On this page, You can choose the method of contacting Wallet ETH. If using MetaMask, select the menu item” use a different wallet”, then press WalletConnet. After that, follow the instructions of the platform, and don’t forget to confirm Wallet Connect from the App MetaMask has been downloaded.

After the wallet ETH is connected to OpenSea, You can then make the NFT Your first. To do this, click” Create ” in the top menu, and create a collection. Complete all required information, and then Save. Click new item, Upload Your artwork, and write a description that You want. After that, click”Create”.

With this token You have made. To sell it on OpenSea, You need to open the newly created item in Your collection and move on and sell. On the sales page, You can choose the token Ethereum that You will receive as payment.

If You already create, register, and sell Your token on the OpenSea marketplace, next just wait until someone find out and buy Your token. Reported between, assets or tokens can be sold on a peer-to-peer without a platform ties. In addition, the purchased assets by other people can be resold. Thus, the original creator will get a royalty.

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