Teknik Scalping 15 Minutes With The Stochastic Indicator
Teknik Scalping 15 Minutes With The Stochastic Indicator

Teknik Scalping 15 Minutes With The Stochastic Indicator

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Ges-r.Com – One trading strategy that is widely used trader Indonesia is scalping. In general, the scalping technique will target a small profit between 5 to 10 pips, and use the time frame between 1-30 minutes.

Please read the reviews scalping strategy is first, if You’ve never heard of a trading system is. In order to get more profit, a scalper will usually open a lot of positions.

So, don’t be surprised if the scalper open position up to tens and even hundreds in all trading. Trader scalper usually will choose the currency pairs that have high liquidity, because it will facilitate the execution of the order.

If You are interested in using scalping techniques, There are a lot of options strategies that You can use, one of them the technique of scalping 15 minutes with the stochastic indicator. How?

Settings Chart And Indicators the initial Step is the most crucial if You want to follow a scalping technique is the setting of indicators and how to ekseskusi trading signals that are formed.

Reported from Fxtradingrevolution[dot]com, the trading strategy of scalping is to use the stochastic indicator as a cornerstone of the open positions, as well as the Moving Average indicator as a trend filter.

Time frame recommended is between 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minutes in MetaTrader 4. In addition, there is a setting indicator that You must apply when you try to use this trading strategy:.

Attach the stochastic indicator with a setting of %K period 26.0, %D period of 18.0, Slowing 16.0. Attach the two indicators Moving Averages namely Simple Moving Average (SMA) with a period of 120 and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) – period 50. So easy to understand, give a different color between the two.

The scenario of Trading Techniques With Scalping 15 Minutes How the scenario of trading? After all the indicators have been prepared in accordance landing above, there are at least two scenarios of trading You can do.

However, it is necessary to remember once again that the method used this time is scalping techniques, so that foresight in seeing the chart and an entry position is very necessary here. Here is the scenario of trading.

Scenario Open a BUY Position trading Scenario the first is to open a Buy position. How? See more examples entry positions on the USD/JPY chart below.

Well, it can be seen that the line of the stochastic colored blue have the movement is fast, red is slow. Signal entry positions can be marked on the line of the stochastic blue crossed stochastic red from the oversold zone (below level 20).

In addition, there is intersection between the line of the SMA-50 (yellow) and EMA-120 (purple) from the bottom to the top. If You find these conditions, You can do the open position Buy as soon as possible.

Exit the trade when the line of the stochastic blue flashed the line of the stochastic red from the overbought zone. 2. Scenario Open SELL Position Scenario open Sell position can be done by following conditions.

The line of the stochastic blue managed to cross the line stochastic red from top to bottom, as well as down from the overbought area (level 80). Signal to Sell other that can be captured from the technique of scalping 15 minutes this is when the line is SMA-50 managed to move across the line of the EMA-120 from top to bottom.

This shows the current market is experiencing a trend sell or downtrend. Can be seen in the circles 1 and 3 is the entry point positions, while 2 and 4 are the point of exit of the position.

Exit the trade when the line of the stochastic blue flashed the line of the stochastic red from the bottom to the top, while rising from the oversold zone at level 20.

For the sake of security trading, please attach a Stop Loss 2 pips above the entry point position. Forex Trading by way of scalping has a high risk, if less rigorous then the trader will be easy to get stuck on noise price or false signals.

So, it is highly recommended for beginners who want to try scalping technique is to have good risk management .

However, if You want to wear a trading system is new, make sure You’ve tried it first on a demo account before trying it on a real account.

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